Try Thinking Rationally

We know how disturbing fear of heights can be, but analyzing the facts and real dangers is a good way to try to convince yourself that you don't have to be afraid. For example, a plane crash is much less likely than a car crash.

Parachuting with a serious company is extremely safe thanks to equipment with international safety standards.

SkydiveFoz follows all the requirements of CBPq - Brazilian Skydiving Confederation and uses the best equipment available in the market, besides having a highly qualified and trained staff.

Having the confidence that you are safe is one of the allies to overcome the fear of heights.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Calm down, we know it's not that easy. But there are a number of methods and practices that can be very helpful when facing fear of heights.

Yoga and meditation, for example, are ancient techniques that work concepts such as breathing for self-control of body and mind.

This makes it easier to send away the negative thoughts and the terrible feeling that the fear of heights causes.

Avoid Consumption of Stimulants

Some foods and beverages we eat in our daily lives, such as caffeine, contribute to increased feelings of anxiety.

Try decreasing or cutting down on these foods to relieve tension and feel more relaxed, which can be a great help when facing the fear of heights.

Face Fear Gradually

To overcome fear, it is also necessary to face it. However, do not do it at once. As with flexibility exercises, it is necessary to advance a little each day, so exposure to height should also be gradual. Otherwise, acrophobia may even be accentuated.

Go a little beyond your comfort zone into everyday little things like looking from the second floor balcony of a building, for example. When you feel more comfortable, go a little further.

Little by little you will find that you will become more confident about your height and may end up celebrating the overcoming with an exciting parachute jump.

Count on Friends Help

Another great tip for overcoming fear of heights is to seek support from close friends.

Look for colleagues who might face this overcoming with you. The support of a friend to climb high places or the encouragement and company to do activities at the height is a relevant factor in facing fear.

Extra Tip: Get Inspired by Real Testimonials!

The golden tip for losing your fear of heights is to draw on real testimonials from people who have gone through the same situation as you and overcome it.

A great example of someone who was very afraid of heights but nevertheless didn't give up on parachuting is blogger Sofia Lollato.

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